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United Nations: Equal Opportunity Thugs – The British Columbia group was called Global United Nations Syndicate, or GUNS , when they formed in the late 1990s. They got their name because they welcomed any ethnic group into their ranks, unlike other criminal associations like the Mafia or Jamaican posses. Also unlike many other gangs, they didn’t recruit from the poorer elements of society.

Their founder was martial arts devotee Clayton Roueche, who moved from Chilliwack to Abbotsford to Vancouver, B.C. Along the way, his group became bitter enemies of the Red Scorpions, another multi-ethnic gang founded by the Bacon Brothers of Abbotsford.

At first, they ran into troubles with other groups like the Independent Soldiers and Hells Angels, although they grew closer to the Angels in the 2000s. United Nations member Omid Bayani was convicted of attempting to traffic the date rape drug GHB with the Ontario Hells Angels. By this time, there were almost one hundred members, and gang members had the letters “ UN ” chiseled onto tombstones of particularly hard-core soldiers.

Roueche manage to stay out of a grave, but was sentenced to thirty years in prison and $8 million in fines after being arrested for conspiring to import cocaine, export marijuana, and launder money. Others in the gang were arrested or forced to flee from warrants over conspiracies to murder the Bacon Brothers.

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